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110 Volt Site Lighting

110 Volt Site Lighting

On the whole, industrial lighting is for use in factories, warehouses and other industrial areas. These will included non and anti corrosives, 110 volt site lighting, high bays and low bays (both low energy and regular versions).

Non Corrosive Fittings

Non and anti corrosive battens are ideal for use in commercial and industrial areas such as factories, offices and industrial units. The main benefit of non corrosive fittings is the fact they are highly cost effective and the robust nature of the product lends itself perfectly to numerous applications where they will be used on a frequent basis.

The non-corrosive fittings come in various different sizes and version, using either T5 or T8 lamps. A 110 volt yellow version is available for usage on building and construction sites where a safer voltage is required.

110V Site Lighting

Most of the time, 110 volt site lights come with a yellow finish for maximum safety and run at a lower voltage than most other forms of lighting in order to make the building or construction site as safe as possible.

The main line of the range is the floodlights, which are either metal halide or LED, offering high quality illumination on site. The metal halide fittings are available in 70W, 150W and 400W versions to provide temporary illumination where required at a safe voltage.

NightSearcher also offer their LED EcoStar floodlight which can be run from a generator or from the mains, offering a versatile lighting solution. As you would expect, the LED floodlights are more expensive to purchase than the regular metal halide fittings, however these will last for around 30,000 hours as well as running up less costs on the energy bills.

Low voltage 110V non corrosives offer a safer solution on site, running at cooler temperatures than metal halide floodlights and can be used both indoors and outdoors.