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LED Bulkheads

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LED Bulkheads

Where Are Emergency LED Bulkheads Used?

LED emergency bulkheads are commonly found in commercial, industrial and larger residential buildings. These are often used to supplement existing lighting to illuminate corridors, stairwells and doorways in the event of a power cut so you can see your way to the exit.

The Benefits Of Using LED

The popularity of LED is ever increasing for numerous reasons. The maintenance of LED is significantly less than fluorescent alternatives as there are no lamps or bulbs to change with LED. The power consumption is lower as well, meaning you are saving on your electricity costs.

Different Types Of Emergency LED Bulkheads

Traditional, rectangular 8W florescent bulkheads have now been replaced with low energy LED versions which require much less maintenance and use less power too. These are ideal for corridor ceilings and above doors.

Circular LED bulkheads are often much more decorative and are used mainly in offices and other commercial buildings. These often are used as a regular light but feature the battery back up, meaning they will illuminate in the event of a power cut.

The Difference Between Maintained & Non-Maintained

There are two types of emergency fitting available – maintained and non maintained. Maintained will stay illuminated all the time and will stay illuminated when the power is cut as the battery back-up will kick in.

The only time that a non-maintained fitting will illuminate is in the event of a power cut.

Many of the more decorative bulkheads will be switchable maintained which means they can be used like any normal light but have the added benefit of a battery back up, ensuring they will illuminate in the event of a power cut.