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Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

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Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

If you own, or are responsible for any form of commercial premises - fire safety signs are required by legislation. The legislation which covers fire exit lighting in commercial premises is the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 - which is known within the industry as RRO. This legislation covers all of the UK’s fire rules, whilst the 1996 Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations cover safety signage more specifically.

The 1996 legislation states ‘safety signs and signals are required where, despite putting in place all other relevant measures, a significant risk to the health and safety of employees remain’ This means that fire exit signs need to mark fire exit routes, doors and assembly points. These signs are needed in commercial premises where the route is not instantly obvious - for example, a Fire Exit sign is not required in a small shop, with only one entrance and exit, which is always visible.

Fire Exit Signs, are however a key part of your duty of care in larger premises - marking the safest route of your of your building - they effectively guide your staff and visitors out of the building in case of an emergency. These fire exit signs are standardised in design, so that visitors to your premises instantly recognise the signage and can leave the building without incident.

At Right Light, we stock and supply an excellent range of quality Illuminated Fire Exit Signs, all of which have been designed and manufactured in the UK - meeting all regulations and ensuring that the duty of care to the users of your building is fulfilled. As these are all emergency lights, they are mains powered - with batteries that provide the power for the illumination if there is a power cut. These lights are available in wall mounted and ceiling mounted options, with double sided lights also being available.

All of these lights provide excellent performance and reliability in the field, and represent excellent value. If you have any questions about these exit lights, and how they can be used in your building - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.