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Farm Floodlights

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Farm Floodlights

At Right Light, we speak to a lot of farms and agricultural businesses looking to install high quality, commercial floodlights across their premises. The advantages of lighting up farmyard and premises are easy to appreciate, making life easier every single day - especially during the darker winter months.

Floodlights in farms help deter thieves and intruders - removing the cover of darkness they prefer to operate under. Floodlights are also vital for quick checking of stock, working during the darker hours and providing a safe, welcoming environment for residents and visitors - especially where they are holiday cottages present on the farm.

There’s a massive range of Floodlights available for farmyard applications, these lights cover Metal Halide floodlights, Sodium Floodlights and LED Floodlights. Farms often also use portable floodlights during certain periods, such as Lambing time - where nighttime activity is high.

The high light output of metal halide and sodium floodlights make them a popular choice for farms - especially when there are no neighbours to consider with regards to light pollution. As ever, if you have any questions about the right lighting solution for your agricultural premises - please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.