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Security Floodlights

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Security Floodlights

Security Floodlights are a popular choice across both commercial & domestic premises, providing a number of benefits to the property owner.

The first benefit is in the name, Security Floodlights deter crime. Whether permanently on during darkness, or set on a sensor to detect movement - security floodlights remove the cover of darkness that criminals prefer operate under. Furthermore, security lights can also be used in conjunction with CCTV systems to enhance image quality and site security.

The second benefits is that whilst security lights deter criminals, they welcome visitors and staff. Placed above walkways and car parks - they help eliminate trips and falls in the dark - as well as making your visitors feel as secure and as safe as possible on your premises. To maximise the above benefits, think about high foot traffic areas on your premises - the entrance to your car park, building and walkways.

At Right Light, we source, stock and supply a wide range of Security Floodlights which provide reliable and high performance lighting across many different business and premises. In some cases, they are left on permanently during darkness for staff to get to there car, whilst in other cases they are set with a motion detector - to surprise and deter intruders.

Depending upon your requirement, our security floodlight range includes Metal Halide Floodlights, Sodium Floodlights as well as LED Floodlights. LED Security Floodlights are some of our best sellers within the range, combining reliable and bright performance with energy efficiency.

If you have any questions about this range, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.