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Fluorescent Low Bays

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Fluorescent Low Bays

A fluorescent low bay fitting is ideal for replacing high energy metal halide and sodium high bays and low bays. They are low energy thanks to the T5 and PLL technology which is used in the lamps and they are available in numerous wattages and lengths, ensuring that there is always a fluorescent low bay fitting which will replace an existing luminaire.

Many of the low bays are built here in Britain, using British steel along with European gear to ensure a quality product is constructed at a reasonable price. Premium fluorescent low bays are also available which provide a fantastic source of light, along with full photometric data for where lighting designs are required.

There are two types of lamps which are used in these low bays; T5 and PLL. There are two PLL version available and these are 2 foot long bodies. These are available with either 55W or 80 watt lamps. The T5 fittings are also made in numerous configurations, ranging from 28 watts all the way up to 80 watts with bodies 4 foot and 5 foot in size depending on the wattage of the tube.

The Right Light premium range is available in three different configurations and are all tested to British standard, ensuring a high quality product. Full photometric data (Relux files) are available for when lighting designs are required and these can also be fitted with sensors (PIR) and with emergency packs for 3 hour maintained operation.

Ideal for use in:

  • Warehouses.
  • Garages.
  • Workshops.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Distribution centres & more.