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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Taking a look at the benefits of LED and other low energy lighting, it is no great surprise that there has been popularity explosion in the market, with the domestic, commercial, residential and retail markets all taking to the energy saving alternatives this type of lighting provides. The initial outlay is recovered over a period of time thanks to the huge energy savings which are achieved by these products.

What Are The Benefits Of Low Energy & LED?

There are several benefits to switching to low energy and LED fittings and lamps:

  • Huge energy savings in comparison to incandescent alternatives and other counterparts.
  • Low maintenance costs – LED will last for over 30,000 hours meaning little or no maintenance.

What Low Energy & LED Products Are There?

  • LED floodlights – ideal for domestic use due to fantastic energy saving benefits. The initial outlay is recovered over a period of time as the LEDs will last longer than other traditional light sources.
  • Low energy floodlights (floodlights with low energy lamps).
  • LED tubes. Ideal for replacing existing, high energy consuming, fluorescent or similar tubes.
  • LED high bays – another fairly new product to the market and ideal for use in the industrial and retail sectors. They have a stunning crystal clear light output which would equal a metal halide alternative. Install in awkward areas as they will not require maintenance.
  • LED ceiling and wall panels – perfect for installing in the ceiling or on the wall (as you'd expect!) and are available in either 4000K or 6000K lamps depending on your requirements. Most likely to find these fittings in offices and factories where it is easy to replace an old T8 fittings.
  • Low energy lamps – a range of LED and other low energy lamps which are ideal for a variety of applications. The LED lamps come in a variety of designs to suit existing fittings as well as numerous wattages.