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LED 2D Bulkheads

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LED 2D Bulkheads

What Are LED ‘2D’ Bulkheads?

LED ‘2D’ bulkheads are high output, low energy replacements for traditional 28W and 38W fluorescent 2D bulkheads. Ideal for commercial and industrial areas.

Why Choose LED?

    Switching to LED offers may benefits:
  • Long life (30,000+ hours compared to around 10,000 hours of fluorescent 2D).
  • Low energy - using significantly less electricity, saving money in the process.
  • Little maintenance as, unlike 2D, LEDs do not have to be changed regularly.
  • LED can be used with a microwave sensor without damaging the fitting (unlike 2D fluorescent).
  • Unlike fluorescent, the life of the LED is not affected by regular switching.
  • Easy installation for qualified electricians.

Where Can They Be Used?

These fittings are regularly used in commercial areas such as offices, stairwells, car parks, schools, shops, large residential buildings, retail areas and more. There are numerous styles, sizes and wattages to suit virtually all applications and styles.

Can They be Installed Outdoors?

Some of the fittings can be used outdoors but require at least an IP54 rating to be used externally. Please check before ordering if you are unsure of the suitability of a fitting for the desired application.

Are There Any Add-Ons?

Yes. Integral microwave sensors can be added to either switch the fittings off when there is no movement or dim the fitting to the desired light level.

Integral emergency can also be added to the fitting to allow for 3 hour maintained operation.

Caring For The Fitting

These fittings require very little maintenance, however all emergency versions should be tested regularly in accordance with current standards.

Installing The Fitting

As it is required that all these fittings are mains wired and fixed to a solid surface, it is essential that all work is carried out by a qualified electrician. Always remember, it is illegal to carry out any work should you not be qualified.