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LED Floodlights

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LED Floodlights

What is an LED Floodlight?

LED floodlights are low energy floodlights which are ideal for illuminating exterior and large interior areas (such as a very large shop or building) for a lower cost than alternative floodlight types (metal halide/sodium/halogen etc).

The LED lamps themselves are usually powered by an LED driver, the quality of the driver is usually what will determine the life of the fitting. The LEDs in the fitting usually cannot be replaced, but, as they usually last over 30,000 hours, they will not need replacing before you want to change the whole unit.

Newer models (such as the 90W and 120W Right Light LED floodlights) use AC direct technology, so there is no driver, improving life and reliability of the fittings.

Why Choose LED?

  • Low running costs in comparison to other floodlights.
  • LED fittings virtually maintenance free as LEDs will last for over 30,000 hours - no lamp changes as with other types of floodlighting.
  • Variety of wattages available, ensuring that the light output can be right for the majority of jobs.
  • All fittings weatherproof (unless otherwise stated).
  • Easy installation for qualified electricians.

Caring For The Fitting & Lamp

  • Always check the fitting before installing to see if there has been any visible damage during transport.
  • Little maintenance required, always check to see if there is any dirt or grime over the dusk to dawn sensor if you have one installed.

Installing Your Floodlight

As it is required that all these floodlights are mains wired and fixed to a solid surface, it is essential that all work is carried out by a qualified electrician. Always remember, it is illegal to carry out any work should you not be qualified. No floodlights can be plugged into a mains socket.