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LED Spike Lights

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LED Spike Lights

Garden Lighting is a functional, and stylish addition to any style of garden - which not only looks great but also helps the security, and safety of those in the garden. One of the most versatile Garden Lighting Products are LED Garden Spike Lights. Spike Lights are basically LED lights attached to a short spike, which can then be pushed into the ground at whatever intervals are needed - providing a massive amount of flexibility.

Spike Lights are ideal when used in flowers beds, along garden paths and even placed within the lawns. They can be positioned to provide lighting at floor level, as well as be used to gently illuminate certain areas of your garden. A range of finishes are also available, including stainless steel and plastic.

At Right Light our Spike Lights are, long lasting and reliable thanks to the use of LED technology. You can view the full range on this page, and please do just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.