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LED Lenser Lighting

LED Lenser Lighting

LED Lenser is a world leader in LED handheld torches and headlamps. Precision German engineering combines with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver supreme, reliable lighting performance. Whether using to light up the darkest of corners at work, or to extend the day to enjoy hobbies for longer, LED Lenser has the perfect light to suit.

There are several ranges available, all perfectly tailored to meet the job at hand. Home and life range is ideal for everyday use, offering a selection of high quality, well-rounded torches and head torches. The pro and industrial range is geared up towards suiting the needs of the professional user, offering numerous mounting options on these head torches, complemented by high performance selection of torches. The sport and outdoor range does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you a choice of head lamps and torches to meet the needs of runners and outdoor sport enthusiasts alike.

In the Home & Life range, the P7R is a perfect all round torch, offering an impressive 1000 lumens on its highest setting, ideal for everyday use. Charging is easy with this flashlight thanks to the magnetic floating charge system. This is not only one of LedLensers most popular torches but ones of the most used torches across the world.

Moving into the professional and industrial range, the iH8R head torch is a firm favourite with tradespeople, railway workers and utility companies thanks to the stunning 600 lumen output, coupled with an impressive 10 hour run time, making it a brilliant all-round head torch. Helmet connecting kit is also included for ease. A large selection of robust torches and work lights are also included in this category to offer a solution to every lighting demand of the professional user.

Outdoor sports and activities make up a large part of many of our lives, and this range is tailored to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts with a wide selection of outdoor specific flashlights and sports head torches. The latest technological innovations bring Bluetooth connectivity to the MH11 head torch, allowing the user to pre-set their favourite profile of lighting to meet their specific needs (controlled from their phone), with the added benefit of multi-coloured LEDs to enhance night vision, map reading and forensic work if required. The MT14 rechargeable torch is an extremely popular pick from this range, offering 1000 lumen output with a long 9 hour run time.

Backed by a 7 year warranty (with registration) across the entire LED Lenser range, giving you full peace of mind when choosing a flashlight or head torch.