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LED Low Bays

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LED Low Bays

What Is An LED Low Bay?

LED low bays are ideal for warehouses and commercial premises, offering a low energy, low maintenance alternative to traditional metal halide (HQI) and sodium (SON) low bays.

How Many Will I Need?

Different buildings and warehouses require different levels of lighting depending on the task at hand. With our LED range of low bays, we offer a lighting design service to ascertain how many fittings would be required to get the lighting levels which are needed. Please contact us for a free, no obligation lighting design for your warehouse or factory.

What Height Can These Be Mounted At?

Different fittings are suitable for different mounting heights depending on the application at hand. Check with Right Light to see which fitting would meet your requirements best. Every situation is different so it is important to select the correct fitting for the job at hand.

There are several points to factor in such as the amount of natural light and the lux levels required, therefore it is always best to check before ordering.

Are They Easy To Fit?

These fittings were designed with quick and easy fitting in mind. Most come pre-wired with cable and hooks to allow quick hanging from chains or suspension kits.

Can You Add Sensors For Extra Savings?

Sensors can be added to many fittings to provide an additional energy saving, switching the light fittings off when there is no one in range. Ideal for areas in large warehouses where there is little activity for prolonged periods, saving electricity and money in the process.

In more recent times, control systems have become very popular as they allow the fittings to be controlled by a computer, phone or tablet to suit the users needs. We are able to offer Bluetooth, Casambi & more control systems to allow the maximum flexibility.

What Is The Guarantee?

Many fittings are build using high quality LED boards and driver, ensuring we can offer a genuine 5 year guarantee on virtually all products in the LED low bay range.