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Non/Anti Corrosives

Non/Anti Corrosives

What Are Non Corrosives & What Types Are Available?

Non corrosives are waterproof battens, usually used in commercial and industrial areas. Traditionally, these fittings are fluorescent (either T8 or T5), however the low energy LED versions have become more popular over recent years due to the electricity saving element involved.

In recent times, the LED versions have gone from using LED tubes to using an LED board and proper driver, increasing both the lumen (light) output along with increasing the reliability.

Are They Suitable For Outdoor Use?

Yes. They are all a minimum of IP65 rated, which makes them ideal for use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Where Can These Be Used?

They can be used in numerous areas for a variety of applications including car parks, warehouses, factories, workshops, various kitchen areas and more.

110V versions (yellow body) are available for use around industrial areas and on building sites.

Are There Any Add Ons?

Microwave sensors can be added which will add extra energy savings by switching the light off when there is no movement in range. This is ideal for larger warehouses and industrial units where there are areas with little activity during the day, reducing the energy consumption.

Installing The Fitting

These fittings come with all the necessary fixings, making it a routine job for a qualified electrician. Drilling these fittings is not advisable as it will ruin the waterproof rating of the fixture.