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Office/Commercial Lighting
Non/Anti Corrosive Fittings

Office/Commercial Lighting

We spend most of our week at work, so for business owners, it is important to provide a good quality source of light which is reliable as possible. Businesses also require low energy lighting where possible which is both reliable and energy efficient.

Modular Fittings

Modular fittings are one of most common types of lighting in offices, using T8, T5 and PLL technology to provide a crisp light in the workplace. Made from robust steel, the modular units meet the requirements for everyday usage. Many modular units will be 600 x 600mm in size, which will fit into may T ceilings and will replace many of the older models.

Surface Luminaries

Surface fittings come in a variety of sizes to suit numerous commercial applications such as schools, universities, libraries and offices to name a few. Different designs are available to suit a whole catalogue of different décor. Just like the modular fittings, many surface luminaries use T5 technology to produce a good light output with maximum efficiency, thus reducing electricity bills.

The British made, coloured surface fitting gives a splash of colour to suit whatever colour scheme is present, with numerous coloured pastel gels available which are made when the fitting is ordered. All these commercial surface fittings are built with everyday use in mind, made of robust steel or aluminium on the majority.

Low Energy Low Bays

Low energy low bays can be used in numerous commercial areas and are reasonably new to the market, offering low bay lighting with energy saving benefits for the first time. These are used from offices to factories due to their high level of versatility, using PLL or T5 lamps to save the user money on their electrical bills. Available in 4x55 watt PLL, 4x54 watt T5 and 4x80 watt T5 versions.

Suspended Fluorescents

Suspended fluorescent fittings are ideal for use in conference rooms, meeting rooms and reception areas, offering a high quality lighting solution in numerous different styles. These suspended fittings are for use where aesthetically pleasing light fittings are required in a commercial environment.

Slimline fittings are available where a stylish lighting solution is required but where space is at a premium. Coloured gels are also available in certain suspended fittings to provide a wash of colour from the fitting. This is ideal when trying to create a specific look or mood, ideal for places such as libraries where a calming feel is required.

These commercial fittings are finished in neutral colours so that they suit virtually all types of décor around the office or in general circulation areas. For companies who wish to save even more money, many of these version can be converted to work with numerous controllers to save even more energy. These fittings can include microwave sensors, night light facilities, touch dim, switch dim and analogue dimming features.

Emergency versions are also available on many luminaries (made to order) to be installed every so-many fittings, allowing for safe exit of the building in the event of a power cut.

Recessed Commercial Fittings

Recessed commercial fittings are ideal for commercial properties where space is at a premium, but a high quality fitting is required. Excellent uniformity is achieved due to the high quality of the fitting and again, emergency versions are available on most fittings to make the areas safer.