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Sports Lighting

Sports Lighting

In the UK, sports lighting is a necessity due to the vast number of people who wish to participate in sport both indoor and outdoors. Sports halls and outdoor sports pitches all require the right level of lighting to provide participants with the best chance to play to the best of their abilities.

Sports Hall Lighting

For indoor applications, a full range of sports hall lighting products are available to suit the needs of virtually all indoor sports. These are premium units, all British made fittings of the highest quality. They utilise PLL and T5 technology to remain as energy efficient as possible.

Low glare and good quality of light distribution is vital and this was one of the main considerations when the designs of these fittings were drawn up. Many units were developed with the sports council to ensure the fitting provides the highest quality of light and the best colour rendering is achieved as is possible.

Where the height of the ceiling is a problem, using a shallow bodied fitting will ensure that the fitting will not get in the way of any balls/shuttlecocks and not spoil the games being played. Some fittings will also allow uplighting too, adding extra light to the room. The various control gear in these fittings allows numerous levels of lighting, allowing the light to be adapted to the game being played. Steel grills are also present to prevent smashing of the tubes should the fitting be hit by a ball.

Sports Floodlights

For outdoor sports lighting purposes, metal halide sports floodlights are ideal, producing a crisp source of light to enable games and sports to be played at night. These range from 250 watts up to 2000 watts depending on the size of the pitch which needs to be illuminated.

Portable Sports Lighting

For training matches and for areas where fixed lighting is not required or not feasible, the portable NightSearcher Megastar is ideal for frequent usage in this area. Six of these fittings would cover the size of a standard football/sports pitch (60x40 metres) and if you are using on grass, the Megastar can be secured into the turf using the ground peg accessories. A carry case can also be purchased for the Megastar, allowing easy transportation from storage to the training pitch.

Fluorescent tubes are used in the Megastar to produce an impressive 11,600 lumen output which would be equivalent to that of a 1000 watt halogen lamp, offering both cool lighting along with glare free operation.