LedLenser MT10 v MT14 LED Torches

A quick comparison of the German engineered LedLenser MT10 and MT14 LED torches. LedLenser are known world over for their high quality hand torches, and two of the most popular options are the MT10 and the MT14.

Both of these torches sit in the Sport & Outdoor range and are fantastic all-rounders, with excellent running times and high lumen outputs. The table below outlines some key facts about each model:

MT10 MT14
 1000 lumens
Max Output
1000 lumens
6 hours Run Time (on high) 9 hours
144 hours Max Run Time 192 hours
6 hours Charge Time 8 hours
180 metres Beam Distance (on high) 320 metres
Xtreme LED LED Type Xtreme LED
3.6V Lithium-ion Battery 3.7V Lithium-ion
Rapid Focus
Advanced Focus System
Battery Indicator
Transport Lock
Charge Indicator

While these torches are very similar in the hand, the key differences between these torches is both the running time and beam distance. Both are similarly sized (the MT14 is slightly bigger to accommodate the larger battery and reflector) and the MT14 offers a longer running time and a longer beam distance compared to its smaller brother in the range, the MT10.

The lighting modes (high, mid, low and strobe can easily be changed with the soft touch button at the front of the torch (this switch also doubles up as a battery status and charge indicator).

Both are excellent everyday torches and will meet the needs of many users, making both these torches some of the best sellers in the entire LedLenser range.

LedLenser MT10 torch available here

LedLenser MT14 torch available here

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