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Portable Floodlights

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Portable Floodlights

What is a Portable Floodlight?

A portable floodlight is a real alternative to mains floodlights and generator powered floodlights which can be used in awkward to light areas such as building/construction sites, outdoor events, football & sports pitches and in the emergency service sectors, without the need for dangerous, inconvenient trailing cables.

Why Choose Portable Floodlights?

  • Portable floodlights are a quick and convenient way of lighting up difficult to illuminate areas temporarily.
  • No planning permission required to use these products, unlike many of the fixed lighting alternatives (such as columned lighting).
  • Easy to store and transport.

Where Can I Use a Portable Floodlight?

There are dozens of places where using a portable floodlights would be ideal:
  • Building yards and construction sites.
  • Illuminating outdoor events.
  • Emergency service use, lighting up the scene of the emergency.
  • Use for lighting up sports pitches at night for training and matches (6 or 8 x NightSearcher Megastar is ideal for this purpose).
  • Inspection work (buildings, railways).
  • Perfect for farmers and people who live on farms and fields.

What Portable Floodlight Would Be Best For Me?

It is always difficult to say as each individuals circumstances and requirements are different. The MegaStar is ideal for football and sports pitches along with large outdoor events and big inspection jobs. This product is bulkier, therefore isn't as easy to transport as other portable floods and is better suited to larger, more static tasks.

Electricians and contractors often purchase the NightSearcher WorkStar. It has a fantastic lumen output for the size of the product and is reasonable price for the quality of the product.

Are All These Products Rechargeable?

All of the NightSearcher portable floodlights and many other portable floods are rechargeable.

Are There Any Extras For These Products?

There are several additional extras for these products. The NightSearcher WorkStar can be fitted with a 1.7 metre tripod if required. The Solaris can also be fitted with a 3.5 metre tripod too if desired.