LedLenser MH10 v H8R LED Head Torches

A quick comparison of the German engineered LedLenser MH10 and H8R LED head torches.

LedLenser are known world over for their high quality head torches, and two of the most popular options are the MH10 and the H8R. From the Sport & Outdoor range and the Home & Life range respectively, these are fantastic all-rounders, with excellent running times and high lumen outputs. The table below outlines some key facts about each model:

MH10   H8R
600 lumens Max Output
600 lumens
10 hours Run Time (on high) 10 hours
120 hours Max Run Time
120 hours
360 mins Charge Time 360 mins
Xtreme LED LED Type
Xtreme LED
Rapid Focus
Low Battery Warning
Charge Indicator
Rear Safety Light
Transport Lock
Coloured Filter Caps


As we can see, the performance of both torches is identical, the only real difference we have is the included equipment and the physical colour of the head torches. The MH10 comes complete with coloured filtered caps as well as a pouch which the H8R doesn't include.

LedLenser MH10 head torch available here.

LedLenser H8R head torch available here.


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