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Portable Floodlights
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Portable Floodlights

NightSearcher MegaStar

Which Types Are Available?

There are two types of LED MegaStar available: the standard version (which has the yellow power pack at the bottom) and the new MegaStar Lite.

The standard MegaStar is available in two battery sizes and can be used on all playing surfaces. The RL20K portable floodlight superceedes the MegaStar, offering improved performance.

The LED MegaStar Lite uses a lithium-ion battery, making it far lighter than the standard LED MegaStar and as it has a li-ion battery, it is much easier to maintain.

How Many Will I Need?

Full Size Pitches

As a basic rule of thumb, we recommend 8 units will cover a pitch around 60x40 metres. This will provide a good level of lighting on larger pitches when playing football or rugby.

Smaller Pitches

We recommend using 6 units for smaller areas such as 5-a-side/6-a-side pitches. Tennis courts would require a minimum of 4 MegaStars per court as a higher level of lighting is required due to tennis balls being smaller than footballs or rugby balls, meaning more lighting is needed.

How Long Do They Take To Put Up?

These floodlights are incredibly easy to assemble. One can be put up in less than two minutes.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

The standard 24A/h MegaStar battery will run for around 1 hour 45 mins on full whilst the larger 38A/h battery will last for around 2 hours 30 mins.

The new MegaStar Lite uses lithium-ion technology and will last for 2 hours on high.

Longer running times can also be achieved by dropping the MegaStar to a lower light level if the maximum light level is not required.

How Long Do They Take To Charge?

The standard 24A/h MegaStar battery will take approximately 7 hours to fully charge whilst the larger 38A/h battery will take approximately 10 hours to charge.

The MegaStar Lite (li-ion) takes 8 hours to charge.

Each unit comes complete with its own charger, however a multi charger can be purchased as an optional extra to allow 5 MegaStars to be charged from one socket rather than having one socket for each unit.

How Much Do They Cost To Charge?

The batteries cost pennies to charge so won't break the bank!

Caring For The Battery

Caring for the battery is essential. Batteries should be charged after every use and should be charged at least once a month even whilst in storage. Failure to do so could result in the battery life dropping significantly.

Is The MegaStar Suitable For Use Outdoors?

Yes. The MegaStar is designed to be used in all types of weather. When playing on grass, they can be further secured into the ground using the tripod ground pegs (optional extra). These are perfect for when playing in windy conditions.

Are They Easy To Transport & Store?

Carry cases are available (optional extra) which store the head and battery pack which allow for easy movement and storage.

How Long Will The LED Head Last?

The robust LED has a lifetime guarantee from NightSearcher, offering peace of mind. The LEDs will last over 30,000 hours and thanks to the tough construction, the head can withstand contact from balls without causing damage (unlike its fluorescent predecessor).